Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

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Benefactors & Friends

Why to donate to YSMU?

  • We are the only state medical institution in Armenia
  • We hold a status of a leading medical institution in the region
  • We provide highest-quality medical education in Armenia and the region
  • We have high-quality teaching hospitals to ensure best clinical skills of the students
  • Our University clinics can provide free medical care to the population with your help
  • You can help us promote cutting-edge scientific research
  • You can help us promote healthy behavior
  • We can improve public health situation in our country
  • You can help improve healthcare services organization
  • You can help us to facilitate the process of healthcare reforms
  • You can provide scholarships for undergraduates in need
  • You can provide scholarships for postgraduates in Armenia

Ways of donating

  • Donate money
  • Donate Equipment – used and new (both medical and educational)
  • Used – Please note: the equipment should be in a good (usable) condition and within the expiration date
  • New – see the list of equipment needed or contact us
  • Donate membership fees for various organizations, journal subscriptions, etc.
  • Donate your time – see visiting professors program at YSMU
  • Donate books – modern, relevant, text-books
  • Donate audio/video tutorials
  • Donate for renovation and modernization of YSMU facilities
  • Counsel in current educational reforms

We are thankful to:

We do express our gratitude to all those who bring forward any opportunity and chance of their own to promote the transformation of Yerevan State Medical University into a medical school of highest international standards. Any kind of sincere donation will outgrow into a medical heritage broadening the borders of huge academic progress and scientific potential. Any thread of help and support is the lifeblood for anything to thrive upon. We are thankful particularly to the people mentioned below:

Dr. Arthur Grigorian

  • Greatly sustained the development of the «Levon and Claudia Nazarian» Radiology Centre and has operated numerous patients with neurosurgical diseases at the centre.
  • Thanks to Dr. Grigorian’s patronage and generous support, YSMU clinical residents have undergone professional training in relevant departments of Georgia Neurosurgical Institute.

Dr. Seda Boghossian-Tighe (Great Britain)

Dr. Aram V. Chobanian (USA)

  • Outstanding contributions to the reform projects, undertaken by YSMU,
  • Mediation in the establishment of YSMU contacts and cooperation with well-known medical universities and medical organizations,
  • YSMU free access provision to Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) web- and paper-based resources.

Dr. John Bilezikian (USA)

  • Densitometer measuring bone mineral density

AmeriCares, International humanitarian organization (USA)

  • Donation of assorted medical supplies

MedWish International, Humanitarian organization (USA), Rafi Avitsian and the Armenian Diaspora in USA

  • Donation of medical supplies and medicines

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU)

  • We express our great thankfulness to the Armenian General Benevolent Union for the assistance and patronage rendered to Yerevan State Medical University.

United Armenian Fund (UAF)

  • Donation of medical supplies and medicines

Donating FAQ

Can I designate where my gift goes?
Absolutely! You can make a general donation or decide where you want your gift to go -- an academic program, interest, scholarship, endowment -- any element of University life. Contact DEA for assistance.

Can I make a gift in honor of someone?
You can make a gift in memory or in honor of a relative, student, teacher or friend.

Contact us

Send an e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact via phone/fax: (+37410) 54 72 63
Address: 2 Koryun str., 0025, Yerevan, Armenia
Visit us in person: Department of External Affairs

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