Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

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Clinical pathology laboratory of «Muratsan»

Clinical pathology laboratory of «Muratsan» hospital complex was founded in 2009. The staff of laboratory since then is responsible for histological and cytological diagnostic examination of surgical and other specimens, including bone marrow cytology and cytochemistry. Since 2011 in clinical pathology laboratory also postmortem examinations are performed. The staff of laboratory is in close contact with foreign colleagues, and is actively involved in different scientific activities.

The staff of laboratory includes

  1. Armen Mkhitaryan MD PhD – chef of laboratory
  2. Viktorya Sahakjan MD – cytologist
  3. Khachatryan Parandzem MD - pathologist
  4. Gohar Sargsyan – Laboratory assistant
  5. Shota Stepanyan – prosector
  6. Grigor Mkrtchyan - prosector
  7. Lilit Khachikyan – sanitary

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