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NAMJ - Vol. 6, No. 4, 2012


Torgomyan А.L., Khudaverdyan A.D., Saroyan M.Yu., Ghambaryan H.K., Khudaverdyan D.N.

Prenatal stress as a factor of immune defense mechanisms impairment during the postnatal period (review of literature)


Galoyan A.A., Durgaryan A.A., Simonyan R.M., Babayan M.A., Shirinyan V.S., Matevosyan M.B., Seferyan T.Ye., Aleksanyan S.S., Simonyan M.A.

Regulating effect of hypothalamic proline-rich polypeptide galarmin on the levels of metalloproteins at lipopolysaccharide and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection induced oxidative damage


Aghajanova Y.M., Mkrtchyan L.N., Zilfyan A.V., Avagyan S.A.

Immune-endocrine embryonal antitumor modulator-dependent mechanisms in restoration of the incretory function of pancreas in streptozotocin-induced rat model of diabetes


Gordadze N., Kakabadze M., Kavtiashvili Q., Kirvalidze I., Kordzaia M., Sikharulidze I.

Relations between breast cancer clinical features and tumor characteristics


Kirakosyan K.E., Kocharyan T.Sh., Urumyan S.S.

Characteristics of infertility in Armenian couples


Chichoyan N.B., Dumanyan K.H., Moghrovyan A.V., Poghosyan K.A.

Detection of the mineral composition of Origanum vulgare L. harvested from different regions of Armenia by thermal emission spectral method


Brsikyan N.A., Andriasyan L.H., Badalyan G.R., Harutyunyan А.V., Petrosyan А.M., Ghazaryan V.V.

Comparative morphology of dentinal tubules occlusion at the use of different desensitizing agents in experiment


Zilfyan A.V., Ananyan A.H., Vardanyan Sh.A., Babayan A.E., Avagyan S.A., Kirakosyan G.V.

Changes in the activity of acid and alkaline phosphatases in the synovial fluid as possible criteria for determining the time of death (Experimental study).


Avagyan S.A., Zilfyan A.V., Kirakosyan G.V., Vardanyan Sh.A., Babayan A.E., Ananyan A.H.

Indices of viscometry and glucose in synovial fluid as possible criteria for determining the time of death (Experimental study).


Hovhannisyan S.G., Muradyan N.A., Arshamyan A.Z.

The prevalence of high blood pressure in rural population of Armenia: Cross-sectional study


Sultanyan T.L., Malkhasyan H.A., Sargsyan A.S.

New method of recipient zone formation at the aortoiliofemoral segment using deep femoral artery


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