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New Year’s message of the Rector of Yerevan State Medical University

Dear Friends,

New Year’s Eve is a key event to summarise every initiative undertaken in the past year and hope for achieving those we planned, yet didn’t execute. The coming year also enables each of us reflect on the future undertakings recalling what has been achieved in the passing year.

The year of 2012 for the University was marked with achievements in improving the educational system to a great extent; integrating European guidelines and criteria into the academic domain; upgrading the university clinical platforms and laboratory facilities technologically; applying up-to-date technologies, as well as implementing numerous multifaceted programmes. It is noteworthy, that we have launched the university accreditation process – a process of titanic importance - in 2012 and believe in its successful outcome and conclusion in 2013.

Moreover, I firmly believe that the coming year will embody the realization of multiple universal issues, and our joint efforts will be directed towards the achievement of objectives, which are tailored to transform the Medical University into a bastion of global medical education promoting its internationalization.

Let every endeavour - be it undertaken by a lecturer, student or any other person - produce a successful outcome, and since we are filled with great expectations for the coming Merry Christmas, I would like to extend my cordial wishes; let this year be the realm of Hope, Faith and Love.

With warmest greetings for the coming Christmas and the New Year!




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