Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

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Recurrent meeting of the Rector’s Council

Introduction of computer-based examinations at the Medical University

Summer examination session of the first-year students of Yerevan State Medical University (University) in 2011-2012 will be computer-based.

This specific method tested for the first time in the country will find a logical expansion in case of a successful introduction and will be further applied in conducting exams in all the subjects of Bachelor’s course. It will ensure transparency of the exam; meanwhile the students will be granted the opportunity to observe the assessment process in relation to their marks.

In the recurrent Rector’s Council meeting the procedure of conducting computer-based examination was discussed and approved.

The Rector’s Council approved and decided on submitting the issue of granting scholarship - to Yelena Sargsyan, student of General Medicine Faculty, Group 430; and Anna Gevorgyan, student of the Stomatologcal Faculty, Group 337 - to the discussion and approval of Scientific Council. These ‘Mkhitar Heratsi’ scholarships are designed to be granted for 2012-2013. Dr. Samvel Avetisyan, The University Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, informed that the election of students has been conducted as prescribed by the University regulations. The Rector’s Council approved the candidacy of Naira Sargsyan (group 434, Faculty of General Medicine) for granting the scholarship after Levon Hovhannisyan – distinguished therapist, cardiologist and academician. Another candidacy approved was that of Gayane Tumyan (group 434, Faculty of General Medicine) for the scholarship after Ruben Yolyan.

The Rector’s Council also approved the candidacies of 4 students from the Armenian Diaspora to be submitted to the RA Ministry of Diaspora for these students could be granted Ruben Sevak scholarship. These students - Sotskar Putulyan (6-year student of General Medicine Faculty, Georgia); Svetlana Khachatryan (5-year student of Stomatology Faculty, Russia); Arman Tarakjyan (6-year student of General Medicine Faculty, Syria) and Arman Tatosian (5-year student of Pharmacy Faculty, Syria) come from different countries where Armenian Diaspora is rooted.

The number of unexcused absences of students during February-April was as well discussed. 10 students, 8 out of which were international students, were expelled from the University for having many unexcused absences. 2 international attendees were as well expelled from the University premedical department for having numerous unexcused absences. An international student was also expelled from the University for violating the rules of the University Hostel internal regulations.


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