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Department of Therapeutic Specialties

Founded in 1958.

Acting head of department : Ludwig Onikovich Nanijanyan, MD, professor


Department of narrow therapeutic specialties was established at the Postgraduate Medical Institute, on the base of the 8th hospital. The first head of the department was the Honored Scientist, Doctor of Medical Sciences professor, Alma A. Katanyan, who headed the Department until 1971. In those years, the scientific direction of the department was the contemporary bases of Cardiology.

In 1971-1975 the head of department was MD, Professor Alexander A. Melik-Adamyian.

In 1975-2002 the head of the department was the Chief Therapist of HM RA, Doctor of Medical Sciences professor Edward G. Baghdasaryan. During those years the scientific direction of Department was the gastroenterology, the prevention of gastrointestinal systemic diseases, especially the peptic ulcer disease and chronic pancreatites, the early diagnostics, and prompt treatment.

Since 1978, the Department started to function at the Medical Center "Surb Gevorg Lusavorich" Medical (at the Emergency Hospital).

Since 2002, Department is headed by the Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor Ludwig O. Nanijanyan. The current topic of the department – "Modelling of the diagnostics of pulmonary heart" is realizing under his guidance. The numerous scientific articles were published by this topic.


Department is the leading scientific-and-clinical teaching base for the post-graduate gualification and professional training for the doctors of therapeutic specialty and nurses.

Department carries out the training for the clinical ordinators on the following directions in therapy:

  • general therapy (3 years)
  • gastroenterology (2 years)
  • Pulmonology (2 years)
  • Nephrology (3 years)
  • Rheumatology (2 years)

130 clinical ordinators have passed the clinical internship and training in various areas of therapy (Pulmonology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology and Rheumatology).

The retraining on General Therapy at the Department have passed all therapists of RA (7-week course) and therapeutic nurses (5-week course).

During the last 5 years, at the Department has retrained 600 therapists and 756 therapeutic nurses.

Scientific and Research Work

5 doctoral and 18 PhD theses are defensed at the Department, among which are:

  • doctoral thesis of Professor L.O. Nanijanyan "The Modeling Systems of Diagnosis of Pulmonary Heart" (Yerevan, 2007). He is the author of 75 scientific articles,
  • professor AG Khandilyan has defensed in 1989 the PhD thesis "The influence of antidiabetic preparations on the coronary blood circulation and trophism in patients with diabetes mellitus". For presented materials on the mentioned topics "A combined effect of the nitroglycerinal preparations and antidiabetic preparations on the myocardial metabolism and trophism" she got the 1st prize at the 7th World Congress in Hamburg. She has defensed the doctoral thesis "The intracellular remodeling and cardiac dysfunction in patients with diabetes mellitus" (Yerevan, 2005), has 1 monograph "Diabetic Heart," which the St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Education was nominated as the Manual. Is the author of 87 articles,
  • associate Professor N.E. Pashinyan has defensed the PhD thesis "Clinical and morphological characteristics of the small intestine in patients with patients with gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer" " (Moscow, 1987), the author of 61 scientific articles,
  • associate Professor R.A Avdalbekyan has defensed the PhD thesis "Transendoscopic laser-therapy Features in case of erosive ulcerous diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract" (Yerevan, 2003), the author of 15 scientific articles,
  • associate Professor M.V. Sargsyan has defensed the PhD thesis "The Assessment of Early diagnostics Criteria of Pulmonary Hypertension" (Yerevan, 2006), the author of 45 scientific articles.

In the last 5 years at Department have been defensed 1 doctoral thesis, 3 PhD thesis, was published 125 scientific works, 5 educational and methodical teaching materials.

Employees of the Department are published annually about 15-20 scientific articles.


The Department regularly participates in the organized republican and international scientific-and-practical forums, which are dedicated to the problems of diagnostics and treatment of internal diseases, collaborats with the acting in the University various departments.

Staff of Department

Nanijanyan Ludwig Onik Head of the Department, MD, Professor
Khandilyan Anna Gegham MD, Professor
Pashinyan Narine Edward PhD, Associate Professor
Avdalbekyan Ruben Armen PhD, Associate Professor
Haroyan Armine Andrik PhD, Associate Professor
Sargsyan Margarita Vrezh PhD, Assistant
Chitchyan Hasmik Zhirayr Assistant
Ruzanna Harutyunyan Harutyun Assistant
Mkrtchyan Nana Razmik Assistant
Ginosyan Ruzanna Aghvan Manager of Nursing Course
Ghevondyan Narine Hamlet Senior Laboratory Assistant
Khachaturova Marina Yuri Senior Laboratory Assistant
Militosyan Aida Lyova Senior Laboratory Assistant

Address: RA, Yerevan, Gyurjyan 3, Medical Center "Surb Grigor Lusavorich",
Department of Therapeutic Narrow Specialties
Tel: (+374 10) 64 65 68


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