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20th Anniversary of the University Student Parliament

YSMU students organised a festival dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the University Student Parliament. The festival was entitled

«Medicus» Days

Intellectual games

19-20 March were devoted to the traditional interuniversity tournament of intellectual games, involving 18 teams from various universities.

«Areopag» team from Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University won the first price in the «What? When? Where?» game opening round. During the second round teams competed in «Erudit-Quartet» and «Brain Ring» intellectual games. The winners were YSMU team «Arqimed» and Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University team «Black Stars». Not only the winners but all the participants were awarded participation certificates, books and souvenirs with University Student Parliament logo.

Within the next semester an interuniversity intellectual tournament will be organised with the participation of both the students and the faculty.

Further information regarding the upcoming tournament is available at the official University Student Parliament website:

«Medicus EXPO 2012»

Within the framework of the events dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of University Student Parliament an exhibition-competition «Medicus EXPO 2012» was organised. The main theme of the exhibition was information and media sphere within student self-governing bodies.

The competition included 5 nominations:

  • Best Student Journal
  • Best Website of Student Self-governing Body
  • Best Reference Book
  • Best Guidebook
  • Best Flyer
  • Best Invitation
  • Best Alternative Media Source

The following universities presented their teams to the exhibition: Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi, Yerevan State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan, Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University, Armenian State Economic University and Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Bryusov. The jury also consisted of the representatives of the abovementioned universities. The first four nominations were awarded to Armenian State Economic University group; Best Alternative Media Award (broadcasting, tele-information, publications in periodicals, etc.) was awarded to Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University. The winners and participants were granted awards, souvenirs and participation certificates. According to the editor of «Medicus» journal the exhibition granted a good chance to create and tighten the ties between the students of numerous universities.

Student Symposium

On 21 March within «Medicus» Days» festival Students’ Scientific Society organised a symposium dedicated to physiologic effect of the word, sound and mentality. The Symposium included reports on the following topics: "Vibrations and Sounds of Nature," "Vibrational Impact of the Sound on Body", "Mantra Yoga", "Infrasound as an Acoustic Weapon", "Ultrasound and Dolphin Therapy", "Physiological impact of speech", "The impact of word and sound waves on the developing embryo," "Psychophysiology of prayer "," Music Therapy ", " Lie and Body Language», "Rhetoric, the Art of Management ", "Hypnosis ". The Symposium was attended by the representatives of faculty, clergy, students and numerous guests. The Symposium was concluded with the discussion on the topicality and possible application of presented topics.

State Youth Orchestra of Armenia in YSMU

On 22 March 2012 within the project «Youth for Youth» the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, under the leadership of Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Sergey Smbatyan, thrilled the audience of the Medical University with a brilliant concert. The «Youth for Youth» concerts at eight universities of Armenia celebrate the 20th Anniversary of U.S.-Armenian diplomatic relations.

Well-known Hollywood film soundtracks were performed; Armenian musicians also performed pieces by famous composers such as George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, John Williams and others. This initiative brings the richness of American film scores to Armenian youth audiences. The concert coincided with the celebrations devoted to the 20th Anniversary of the University Student Parliament.


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