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Department of Paediatric Ophthalmology

Was founded in 2011

Acting Head of Department: Armen A. Shakaryan, Dr.Sc., Professor


The YSMU Department of Paediatric Ophthalmology was founded in 2011 on the base of the Ophthalmology Clinic, University Hospital Complex N1 by the staff of Paediatric Ophthalmology research laboratory.

Main issues of the department go as follows:

  • postgraduate training of medical specialists in paediatric ophthalmology
  • improvement of ophthalmologists and paediatric ophthalmologists on contemporary issues of theoretical and practical paediatric ophthalmology
  • management of the paediatric ophthalmology service in the long-term multidisciplinary (with the duration of 7 weeks) and short-term monothematic courses of improvement.

The admission to the clinical residency on the specialty "Paediatric Ophthalmology" (with the duration of 3 years) is carried out on common in YSMU terms and conditions. The training program in clinical residency includes the following: delivering practical and theoretical materials, conducting topical seminars, participating in diagnostic and therapeutic discussions of patients, managing of inpatient and outpatient patients under the direct supervision of the of department head or the head of clinical residency, assisting in surgical procedures, getting acknowledged with various sections of a number of related disciplines and the advanced medical literature, participating in scientific researches and acquiring of practical skills. At the end of the program the evaluation and / or examination of residents in a testing form is carried out.

YSMU Ophthalmology Clinic of University Hospital Complex #1 serves as a clinical base for the department and is considered to be the first specialized ophthalmology facility in Armenia (since 1929) where a number of leading ophthalmologists have made the career. It is an 18-bed general medical and surgical facility with more than 10.000 admissions anually from Armenia and other foreign countries to provide a high quality ophthalmology service to both children and adult population.

The clinic is equipped with necessary modern diagnostic and therapeutic apparatus including 18 in-patient beds, operating unit and the rooms for functional diagnostics, complicated methods of vision correction, the pleopto-orthopto-diploptic treatment, ophthalmic physiotherapy, laser correction of various eye pathologies, computer based treatment, out-patient consulting and the auditoriums for students.

Scientific researches

Scientific researches of the department (Clinic) are dedicated to the contemporary issues of theoretical and practical aspects of paediatric ophthalmology. Binocular interaction in norm and pathology, pathology physiological aspects of progressive myopia, accomodation disorders in children, effective treatment of amblyopy, scleral rigidity features and modifications in some diseases are studied.

As a result of scientific researches conducted by the department (clinic) staff through years, many new diagnostic methods have been put into practice among them:

  • a method of direct examination of vision character
  • a method of a quantitative assessment of binocular interaction
  • a method of characterizing binocular vision and its disorders
  • a method of monochrome-pleoptic treatment of amblyopy
  • a method of dosaging the volume of surgical procedure in patients with partial accommodative strabismus
  • a method of monocular disaccommodation in those suffering from accommodative spasm
  • a method of complex treatment of children with nystagmus
  • a method of diploptic therapy of amblyobinopy.
  • new methods of examining accommodation in patients with astigmatism and nystagmus
  • a method of identical pleopto-orthoptic treatment with the use of advanced in ophthalmology computer programs
  • new method of surgical treatment of complicated forms of nystagmus and strabismus

At present, the scientific researches of the department are dedicated to the following:

  • pathology physiological aspects of normal and pathologic refractive genesis
  • biomechanic fundamentals of scleral components in children with progressive myopia
  • effective stabilization of progressing myopia in children and adult population
  • early diagnosis of prematurity retinopathy

Members of the department are the authors of more than 300 scientific papers and regular participants of various international ophthalmology forums.

Staff of the department

Armen A. Shakaryan Head of the Department, Dr.Sc., Professor
Marina A. Hayiryan Dr.Sc., Professor
Hasmik A. Gharibjanyan PhD, Associate professor
Hrant A. Shahinyan PhD, Associate professor
Ani V. Sargsyan PhD, Assistant professor
Yeghishe A. Baghdasaryan PhD, Assistant professor
Tamara R. Gevorgyan Assistant professor
Hasmik M. Mouradyan Assistant professor
Inga S. Sargsyan Assistant professor
Lilit D. Aghayan Assistant professor
Lilit E. Bazinyan Researcher assistant
Lilit A. Poghosyan Comp. operator

Addres: RA, Yerevan, 0025, Abovyan 60/1 str., University Hospital Complex N1, Ophthalmology Clinic, Department of Paediatric Ophthalmology
Tel: (+374 10) 56-17-74
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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