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Dental outpatient clinic No. 4

Head of clinic: Egiazaryan Anahit D.

YSMU’s "Muratsan" hospital complex’s dental outpatient clinic No.4 was organized on the first floor of the University hospital’s building and started its full activities from 1st August 2011.

All medical cabinets are equipped with modern, high-quality equipments, tools and materials.

Dental outpatient clinic serves as an academic base for YSMU’s departments of "Paediatric Stomatology and Orthodontics" and "Family and Surgical Stomatology". Three classrooms and two rooms, equipped with the necessary equipment and phantoms, serve to that very purpose.

Dental outpatient clinic is oriented towards providing dental medical and preventive voluminous medical care to paediatric population.

Dental outpatient clinic examines diagnoses and treats almost all kinds of dental diseases.

In collaboration with Maxillofacial Surgery Department the dental outpatient clinic doctors are implementing dental treatment of unyielding children with mental or general underdevelopments and with insurmountable feeling of fear, through general anaesthesia.

It serves not only the children in Erebuni district (about 10500), but also children of all over the republic according to applications.Dental outpatient clinic specialists implement free dental medical care of 0-8, 12-year-old children, as well as the treatment of population specific groups who have the right to receive state-guaranteed free dental medical care.

The service is implemented according to the scientifically based programmes of paediatric dental diseases’ treatment and prevention in the RA.

  • M. A. Gevorgyan
  • R. S. Azarian.
  • M.G. Movsisyan,
  • S. A. Besalyan.
  • D. A. Ter-Grigoryan (orthodontist)
  • N. J. Tsatouryan,
  • F. G. Hovakimyan.

Most of the specialists have long experience of working with children. They transfer their knowledge and skills to young professionals.

Working hours: 900-1700

Address: Yerevan, Muratsan 114, "Muratsan" hospital complex, dental outpatient clinic No.4
Phone (+374 10) 43-23-09
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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