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«Muratsan» Diagnostic centre

Head of the centre: Marianna Gevorgyan Igor

Diagnostic centre of «Muratsan» hospital complex was established in June 2011 by YSMU rector D. H. Dumanyan’s initiative.

The centre performs the following services:

  • Full X-ray examination, photoroentgenography, X-ray densitometry (DEXA),
  • Ultrasound full examination, neurosonography
  • Doppler cardiography, duplex
  • Electrocardiogram
  • «Trade-Sill» test of cardiac load
  • Endoscopy, «Helicobacter pylori» determination
  • Mammography

The centre has the following equipments:

  • Endoscopic equipment «Olympus GIF xp20», which provides high efficiency and available visibility.
  • «Evis Exera II» has an ability to magnify and to enlarge the image. Due to the device digital enlargement ability detailed study of mucous is being done. «NBI» technology allows you to perform detailed local study, reveal hidden structural units.
  • «HOLOGIC» model’s «Discovery C» duo energetic X-ray osteodensitometer mainly performs densitometry of two sectors: conch-hip and spine lumbar, where osteoporotic fractures are more frequent.
  • SIEMENS I–conos R-200 digital X-ray with all capabilities
  • SCHILLER AT 101 Electrocardiogram device
  • In-patient Sonography HDI with colored Doppler

The radiation of modern digital equipments is minimal and it is only the 1/10 part of normal chest radiography’s dosage.

Clinical guidelines to densitography examination are as follows:

  • Premature menopause.
  • Natural menopause.
  • Renal insufficiency,
  • Chronic liver diseases,
  • Corticosteroids’ long-term usage
  • Rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Hiperparatireoidizm.

Diagnostic Centre is the academic base of YSMU’s Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Department of Therapy No. 3.

Working hours: 900 -1700

Patient services are provided during working hours, the duties are also performed.


Marianna Gevorgyan Igor Head of the Centre (sonography, doppler, duplex)
Nune Gzoyan Albert X-ray doctor
Haykuhi Yeghiazaryan Norayr X-ray doctor
Naira Vanyan Vanyan doctor of endoscopy
Aghunik Hovhannisyan Komunik doctor of endoscopy
Arthur Torossyan Samvel Cardiologist
Susanna Shahbazyan Stepan doctor of Sonography
Armine Mkhitaryan Frontik doctor of Sonography

Address: Yerevan, Muracan 114, "Muratsan" hospital complex, Diagnostic Centre
Phone: (+ 374 10) 450 160, (+374 10) 451 870
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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