Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

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Medical University: Endowed With Enormous Scientific Potential

University Scientific Council Session was held on 26th of October, 2011. Before discussing essential issues included in the session agenda, YSMU Rector, Prof. Derenik Dumanyan extended his congratulations and regards to the university professors being awarded state honorary titles upon the decree issued by RA President.

The Rector also congratulated the editorial staff of the «New Armenian Medical Journal» on the occasion of gaining international acclaim and respective certification, stating that is an outstanding and unique achievement not only for the university but also for the whole country.

During the council session Professor Derenik Dumanyan suggested naming university academic departments after their founders, emeritus professors and distinguished faculty members who have had great contribution to the university activities as well as to the development of medicine in Armenia.

According to the session agenda, university Vice-Rector for Science - Professor Mikayel Narimanyan represented the major changes and amendments in the field of university human resources having taken place in the result of adjoining the educational platform of the National Institute of Health to the medical university infrastructure.

Currently, over 161 doctors of sciences and 480 PhD degree holders constitute the university faculty. 264 members of the university faculty hold scientific degrees, four people out of which are academicians and three persons are corresponding members of RA National Academy of Sciences. 80 professors of medicine, 171 associate professors and 6 senior research officers are enrolled in the university teaching, scientific and clinical activities.

The Rector held the point that being endowed with enormous scientific potential will definitely foster further progress of the research workings conducted at the university and throughout the whole country.


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