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Groundbreaking surgical intervention

On June 22, 2011, Dr. Rafayel Manvelyan – DMSc, the Head of Minimally Invasive Vascular Surgery Clinic of Radiology Centre of «Heratsi» University Hospital, preformed a groundbreaking endovascular (not cardiac) surgical operation – a unique surgical intervention in the region.

Martik Harutyunyan who is a resident of Tavush region, had been suffering from attacks of abdominal pain for three months, not being able to eat and drink for the pains were even severe from both meal and liquid. As a result, the patient went into a state of complete exhaustion weighing only 45 kg. Having consulted various medical specialists, the patient was diagnosed with occlusion of the mesenteric vessels at «Heratsi» University Hospital. This gave the evidence that the vascular branches extending from the abdominal part of aorta, supplying the intestines, were congested.

Dr. Manvelyan performed endovascular intervention under regional anesthesia without incision accessing through the femoral artery. The lumen of abdominal cavity vessels was restored. In such cases surgical intervention is the only feasible way to save the patient’s life. If left untreated, this pathological condition may cause death within a short period of time.

The second day, right after the operation, Martik Harutyunyan’s health state was satisfactory; he could already eat and drink, and was discharged from the hospital. Successful outcome of the diagnosis and surgical treatment was largely determined by the fact that the clinic staff can safely be characterized as being highly-qualified and the clinic enriched with cutting-edge technologies; namely advanced angiography, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging equipment.

Nowadays in Armenia such endovascular surgical interventions are performed only at the Minimally Invasive Vascular Surgery Clinic of Radiology Centre of «Heratsi» University Hospital. The Head of the Clinic, DMSc, Dr. Rafayel Manvelyan, is a former graduate of Yerevan State Medical University and a member of European Board of Vascular Surgery. Dr. Manvelyan has undergone professional qualification trainings in Moscow and European leading clinics alongside with the trainings in top clinics of London such as «Guy’s & St. Thomas» and «San Jerardo» in Milan.

Given the mentioned, we can claim endovascular surgery is developed to a new standard in our country. This is the first step in combating the thrombosis of the mesenteric vessels in our region and it is worth mentioning such interventions are not that frequently observed in the Russian Federation.

More than 20 endovascular interventions on the vessels of lower extremities have been performed in recent months resulting in limb preservation and restoring normal blood supply.

The clinic operates meeting modern European standards, in which open vascular surgery has a pivotal role. These surgical interventions are performed by doctors Aram Badalyan, PhD and Alexander Aramyan, PhD; meanwhile, the high standard of nurse care is provided.


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