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NAMJ - Vol. 2, No. 4, December 2008

pdf-icon A.L. Zargaryan, A.V. Zilfyan, G.P. Kyalyan
The role of melatonin in regulation of permeability of microhemocirculation pathways (Experimental research: First Communication)
pdf-icon N.D. Vardazaryan, S.V. Hambardzumyan, K.A. Arsenyan, A.G. Mkhitaryan, K.G. Gyulamiryan
Immunohistochemistry of mucosal and vascular tissue barriers of pharyngeal mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue in chronic recurrent tonsillitis
pdf-icon S.R. Babloyan, Z. Voulgaris, M. Papaeuthimiou, A. Kyroudi, P. Karakitsos
DNA ploidy as an indicator of diagnostic accuracy improvement at early stages of epithelial ovarian cancer
pdf-icon R.K. Ghazaryan, L.A. Sahakyan, A.G. Tovmasyan, L.D. Movsisyan, A.Dz. Hambardzumyan
Novel antimicrobial agents on the base of natural and synthetic metalloporphyrins
pdf-icon K.S. Safaryan, G.А. Navasardyan
Comparative characteristics of hippocampus-dependent behavior in hypokinesia and aging
pdf-icon H.Yu. Ter-Poghosyan, M.S. Nalbandyan, E.R. Ghazaryan, G.A. Mkrtchyan
Angular and linear parameters of the facial profiles in 12-year old children with normognathic occlusion
pdf-icon N.Zh. Sahakyan, M.T. Petrosyan, V.V. Volodin, S.O. Volodina, J.A. Aghajanyan, Yu.G. Popov
Isolated culture of Ajuga genevensis L. as a potential source of biological active substances
pdf-icon G.V. Sahakyan, T.B. Batikyan, G.G. Artsruni
The influence of electrostatic fields on structural and functional state of epididymal spermatozoids
pdf-icon G.V. Yaghjyan, A.S. Kananyan, A.G. Mkhitaryan, A.V. Sanamyan
Postoperative endometriosis of abdominal wall in a young woman: A case report

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