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ՆՀԲՀ - Հատոր 10, No. 4, 2016


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Professor Shevchenko S.B., Vice rector for scientific work and professional education of FSEI HT I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the Ministry of Healthcare, Moscow, Russia

Professor Geppe N.A., Director of the Clinic of Children’s diseases, Head of the Department of Children’s diseases of the Medical Faculty of FSEI HT I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Honoured doctor of the Russian Federation


Kagramanova J.A., Lanshchakova P.E., Shevchenko S.B., Malinovskaya V.V., Vyzhlova E.N.

Risk factors of non-developing pregnancy in the early stages


Osminina M.K., Geppe N.A., Tougarinova G.V., Podchernyaeva N.S., Shpitonkova O.V., Bokareva E.I.

Clinical significance of autoantibodies and biomarkers of fibrosis in juvenile scleroderma


Khachatryan L.G., Klyushnik T.P., Ozhegova I.Y., Casanabe E.V.

Identification markers of central nervous system damage severity of perinatal genesis in children


Krutikhina S.B., Gorelov A.V., Sichinava I.V., Galstyan L.R.

Studies of periodic disease in children under the conditions of a large megapolis


Byvaltsev V.A., Kalinin A.A., Khachikyan A.F., Minasyan I.S.

Surgical interventions in unstable forms of degenerative lumbosacral spine


Golovanova N.Y., Rumyantseva V.A.

Rare cases of soft tissue ossification syndrome in pediatric practice


Shpitonkova O.V., Podchernyaeva N.S., Kostina Y.O., Manina M.A.

Recurrent thrombosis in an adolescent with antiphospholipid syndrome and multiple risk factors


Cherkasov M.F., Galashokyan K.M., Startsev Yu.M., Cherkasov D.M., Melikova S.G.

Comparative study of treatment methods of pilonidal sinus


Podchernyaeva N.S., Khachatryan L.G., Shpitonkova O.V., Kostina Y.O.

Clinical case of ischemic stroke in a child with systemic lupus erythematosus and antiphospholipid syndrome


Abstracts of Papers Published in the Current Issue of Journal (in Armenian)


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