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YSMU Operative surgery and topographical anatomy department Final Conference 2015-2016


On May 17th this year the student's scientific conference which is already tradition organized by department of Operative surgery and topographical anatomy and carried out jointly with Student's parliament took place. At conference the works of department done with students were generalized. And works at department this year were more than usually - all objects set initially were carried out. For the first time in this format the "Young Surgeons’ Society by Chr. H. Petrosyan" created at the initiative of a student scientific circle of department had the fissile role.

The first report was devoted to activity of the founder of department prof. Chr.H. Petrosyan. In it the role of the prof. Chr.H. Petrosyan in the course of a becoming and development of department was proved.

The second report took up questions of teaching the practical skills which are carried out at department. In it in the generalized form the operations done on the experimental animals and models in the educational and experimental operating room of department under the guidance of the head of department, prof. S. L. Orduyan and tutors G. F. Avetisyan, N. H. Torosyan, A.V. Rolich were presented (the part of models is prepared with teachers and students).

The following 16 reports were devoted to various sections of operational surgery and topographical anatomy. Scientific abstract reports generalized the enormous work done at department which was directed to teach students to prepare and submit them the chosen report, using data of express literature, collecting information obtained from experts, clinical cases, a case history and the gained basic knowledge as a result of the performed operation on the given subject. Within a year more than 60 reports were presented and discussed, from which in the program of conference were included 16.

At opening of the conference there were the rector, professor M. Z. Narimanyan, the vice rector for scientific part, professor K.B. Yenkoyan. The chairman of jury of MD, professor M. M. Mirijanyan, among judges A.B. Sahakian, I.E. Malkhasyan, T.L. Sultanyan.

Subjects of the presentations performed on conference are many-sided – from actually classical surgery to the modern highly specialized latest surgical technologies. Students of the 2nd and 3rd courses of general medicine, military medicine and foreign faculties participated in the conference.

Winners declared by Divetiya Khanduja with the presentation " Osgood-Shlatter Disease" (the 1st place), Melanya Telemakyan "Head Transplantation " (the 1st place), Arevhat Nalbandian "Aneurisms of the abdominal aorta" (the 2nd place), Amalia Manusajyan "Operations of the parotid gland" (the 3rd place).



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