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The RA Health Minister Visits «Mouratsan» University Hospital


Today the «Mouratsan» University Hospital was visited by Armen Mouradyan, the RA Health Minister.

Together with YSMU Rector Mikayel Narimanyan, YSMU Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs Armen Minasyan and the Hospital Chief Doctor, the Minister made a tour to the clinics of Therapy, Pediatrics, Endocrinology, Toxicology and Pediatric Reanimation, Traumatology and Orthopedy, Maxillofacial Surgery and ENT, Anesthesiology and Rehabilitation, Chemotherapy, Play Therapy, talked to the patients and department responsible staff, and visited the Memory Disorder Center.

Armen Mouradyan was especially amazed at the warm atmosphere of the Play Therapy room. He said: «Here everything is so nice. I am sure that all this has an effective impact on the treatment process of children.» He offered the Center psychologist Lousineh Hovhannisyan to organize a charity exhibition-sale of the children’s works, and the income be used to obtain necessary medical equipment. According to him it will promote the children to be kind and careful towards other people.

Armen Minasyan introduced the Minister a car serving the neonatal reanimation Department; the car is the only one in the region. Worth mentioning that the car was obtained by the means of «Mkhitar Heratsi» Medical Science Development Fund the director of which is YSMU Head of Staff Gagik Miridjanyan.

Later the diagnostic service of the Hospital was presented for the Minister’s attention which conducts clinical, biochemical, serologic, immune, bacteriological and other examinations.

The Minister was also informed that the «Mouratsan» polyclinic serves more than 11.000 children aged 0-18 and around 3300 adult population.

There is also the Republican Center for Medical Genetics functioning within the Polyclinic; the Center deals with diagnosis and treatment of hereditary and metabolic diseases. The Center also conducts screening of phenylketonuria and further control.

Since the «Mouratsan» University Hospital is the clinical base for YSMU departments there are also lessons organized. The Minister spoke with the students and wondered what kind of professional orientation they have. He was also amazed at the fact that the majority of students has already chosen their future profession. The Minister also met YSMU Indian students.

The Minister was also introduced to the Hospital’s ventilation and automatic power supply system and the oxygen plant.

At the end of the visit Armen Mouradyan extended his gratitude to the University and Hospital management for the proper organization of the works, and ensured that he will do his best to support them solving current issues.


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