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Faculty of Military Medicine

The history

The faculty of Military Medicine of the YSMU was etablished on 19 May, 1994 under the N232 decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, on the bases of the YSMU chair of medical service organization and extreme medicine

In the process of establishing the YSMU faculty of Military-Medicine and enacting the abovementioned decission, the unforgetable contribution was at-that-time ARM Defence Minister S.A. Sargsyan, ARM Minister of Healthcare A.S. Babloyan, and ARM Minister of Higher Education V.Gnuni.

Great contribution was also made by Chief of ARM MoD Department of Military Medicine Colonel of medical services B.N. Harutyunyan and YSMU rector, academicos V.P. Hakobyan.

The YSMU faculty of Military Medicine was headed by Colonel of medical services S.S. Eghikyan (1994-1997), Candidate of Medical Sciences, Major of medical sciences M. H. Tumanyan (1997-1998), Candidate of Medical Sciences, private Professor, Colonel of medical services A. V. Ghazaryan (1998-2004), Candidate of Medical Sciences, private Professor, Lieutenant-Colonel of medical services D. S. Mkhitaryan (2004-2008), Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, 2011 till presentsince Professor S. G. Galstyan).

The YSMU faculty of Military Medicine firts professors were Colonels Of medical service T.A. Ter-Avetikyan, M.G. Margaryan, S.G. Galstyan, A.A. Avagyan, lieutenant colonels of medical service L.P. Artishev, G.M. Sarkisovan, lieutenant colonel F.S. Muradyan, captain of medical service K.V. Xachunc, senior lieutenant R.H. Mehrabyan, Private Professors E.A. Hakobyan. G.G. Vardanyan.

With their collective efforts organized educational process.

Student's recruitment to the faculty in 1994-1995 was realised by recruiting 5th year students from the faculties of medicine, pediatristic, sanitariy-hygenic faculties, and from 1996 begining the first year students entering to the MMF.

Up to todayUntil now the faculty has had 425 graduates, 30 of whom graduated with a Diploma with Honors.

The majority of them are now serving in ARM frontaire detachments, in NKR Defence Army, in central cl clinical military and garrison hospitals, ARM AF Department of Military Medicine, as well as in the faculty of Military Medicine, etc.

Under the Officers in Reserve program of the Faculty students of other YSMU faculties as well as clinical residency students also receive military and military-medical education, as well as clinical residency students.

MMF’s cadets during learning clinical practice at the Ministry of Defense and the Central Military Clinical Hospital in garrison, army training in the armed forces and military units bordering gatherings, active force intership, exercises and participates in the Armed Forces Medical Service, NATO and the OSCE, organized by meetings.

Now there are 1 Doctor, Professor of Medical Sciences, 2 Candidates of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, 4 Candidates of Medical Sciences, and 2 lecturers are ofrcing working on their thesis for candidacy.

The officers, lecturers and cadet of the faculty are actively participating in the social life of the YSMU. An auditorium devoted to perished doctor-freedom fighters was created in the Faculty of Military Medicine.

In the framework of military-patriotic events cadets visit Erablur and Mayr Hayastan (Mother Armenia) memorials.

Departments and Cycles

Departments and Cycles of the Military-Medicine Faculty

The Chair of medical service organization and tactics, infantry preparedness, military hygens and military epidemiology, military toxicology, radiation and medical protection, and extreme situations medicine cycles are located in the administrative branch of YSMU. As for the chairs of military-field surgeries, and military-field therapy, they are located in the ARM MoD central clinical military hospital.

Chair of Medical Service Organization and Tactics

The Chair was rund by Colonel of medical services S. S. Eghikyan (1994-1997), Major of medical services M. H. Tumanyan (1997-1998), Colonel of medical services A. V. Ghazaryan (1998-2000), Colonel of medical services V.H. Kirakosyan (2000-2002), Major of medical services A.R. Grigoryan (2002-2006). 2013 until now department is chaired by Lieutenant-Colonel of medical services G. R. Vardanyan. The scientific activity of the Chair includes the basic issues of organizing medical services to the troops in peaceful and war times.

General military training cycle

In 1994-2006 the Cycle operated under the chair of Medical Service Organization and Tactics as a basic military preparedness cycle. In 1998-2006 the Cycle was headed by Colonel S. E. Sahakyan.
In 2008 it was made a separate cycle. Since 2006 the head of the cycle is Lieutenant-Colonel G. M. Tumasyan. The lecturers of the cycle are conducting researches on the basic issues of the troop activities in mountainous conditions and during different battles in high mountainous conditions.

Emergency Medicine and military toxikology department

The extreme situations medicine subject is taught in the Faculty since 1994. In 2008 it was separated from the chair of Medical Service Organization and Tactics as an independent cycle. Since 2008 the head of the departament is Lieutenant-Colonel of medical services, private Professor A. A., Khachatryan. The scientific researches of the department include the issues of medical treatment against technical and man-made disaster referring.

Chair of Military-Field Surgeries

In 1994-1998 it was under the chair of Military-Field Surgery, Therapy and Stomatology. Since 1998 it is a separate chair. The chair was rund by Colonel of medical services, Professor, B. N. Harutyunyan (1994-1997), Captain of medical services, Professor M. H. Hovhannisyan (1999-2002), Colonel of medical services, Professor A.K. Hovhannisyan (2002-2010).

2011 unti now department is charied private Professor of Medical service S.S. Hovhannisyan
The scientific researches of the chair include issues of combat surgerical wounds, phatogeny, clinics, curing and prevention.

The staff of the chair has published over 100 articles, 5 methodological instructions, and 1 handbook.
Theses were maintained 2 candidacy and 2 doctoral in the Chair.

Chair of Military-Field Therapy

In 1994 it operated under the chair of Military-Field Surgery, Therapy and Stomatology. In 1998 it became a separate chair. Since the day of its creation the head of the Chair is Colonel of medical services, Professor S. G. Galstyan.

2011 – since now Military-Field Therapy’s department head is Lieutenant-Colone, private Professor V.V.Caturyan.
The scientific researches of the chaire include the peculiarities of phatogeny of inner organs of servicemen and the wounded, clinics, curing and prevention, the effect of the high mountainious conditions on a human organism, effect of heavy metals, issues of military-medical expertise, issues of military and clinical toxicology, and the aspects of organizing surgerical medical aids in the troops.
The staff of the Chair has published 156 articles, 12 monographies, 7 methodological instructions, 4 handbooks.
Theses were maintained 15 candidacy and 4 doctoral in the Chair.

Address: 2 Koryun, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, YSMU, Faculty of Military Medicine
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