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Thinking about Future Specialization

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Today the YSMU graduates, lecturers and other leading specialists of healthcare field had a meeting with Armen Mouradyan, the RA Health Minister.

The Minister and guests were welcomed by YSMU Rector Mikayel Narimanyan. He mentioned to the graduates that it is now the time to decide upon the narrow specialization.

And since there are various medical specializations and narrowing them is not always easy, they have asked Armen Mouradyan, the RA Health Minister, to share with his experience and advise.

Armen Mouradyan, welcoming the participants, as well as his teachers and colleagues, mentioned that the main objective of the meeting is to introduce the opportunities of choice to graduates. In his speech he recalled well known doctors and professors. The Minister highlighted that he has properly prepared for the meeting taking into account that the narrow specialization has been the second most important decision in a doctor’s life after family.

Professor Mouradyan presented all the ways which are open today for YSMU graduates. He also addressed the prospects of becoming a theoretical doctor and a practical doctor.

He specifically mentioned the opportunity of working in RA marzes (regions) after graduation. According to him there is a demand of qualified specialists in marzes, especially anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists.

He also added that the RA Ministry of Health will soon provide young specialists who work in marzes to pass trainings abroad.

Armen Mouradyan specifically considered the role of his teachers in becoming a doctor, surgeon and healthcare organizer. Among the people present were Yuri Zohrabyan, Hairapet Galstyan, Rafael Grigoryan, those being the senior generation of health field.

The Minister introduced also popular truants (specialized in medicine but not working in the sphere), who are successful in the field of literature, art, politics, journalism, etc.

At the end of the meeting Armen Mouradyan answered questions which were from educational, PhD, healthcare system, medical rights fields.


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