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Faculty of Stomatology


The Faculty of Stomatology was founded in 1961 in Yerevan State Medical Institute with the main goal to offer high quality dental services to the public.

In the early 1960s most dental practitioners and dental technicians learned their specialty at the medical college; whereas it was at Stavropol Medical Institute where students underwent extensive academic and training courses on Stomatology. The move toward more formal dental education in Armenia began when Dental College was chartered in 1963 with a university-based faculty of relevant professors among them Dr. A.A. Sahakyan and Dr. G. Yeghiyan delivering curriculum content and specialized topics since 1964 in the Hospital Surgery Department. The founder of the College, Dr. M. Mashur also established the first central prosthetic laboratory, afterward a Stomatological Outpatient Clinic No1; the activities conducted by Dr. Mashur were significant in university-based dental education and in the development of Stomatology within the country.

Dental services and Stomatological sciences have advanced and have undergone vigorous changes in the country after the formation of the Faculty of Stomatology in 1961. University-based Department of Stomatology was completely structured and Stomatology was considered a part of scholarly education in 1963 under the chairmanship of Dr. Georgi Yeghiyan. Numerous students, among them Iveta Petrosyan, Eduard Kilikyan, Eduard Gevorgyan developed their knowledge and professional competencies through the postgraduate training courses conducted at different medical institutions of Moscow, meanwhile; in 1963 Anna Minalyan was the first student engaged in PhD studies under the supervision of Georgi Yeghiyan.

Between 1963 and 1969 a joint Faculty was formed named Stomatological, Sanitary-Hygienic and Pediatric Faculty. Associate Prof. K.H. Karapetyan was the first Dean of the Faculty, chairing also the Department of Histology. Taking into consideration the specificity of the dental specialization, the Faculty of Stomatology granting the specialization «Stomatology» (code: 19.04) was chartered in 1969-1970.

The Faculty has been headed by professors M.S. Gavalov and G.G. Nikoghosyan. Within different periods the Faculty has been supervised by Associate Prof. L.A. Frangulyan, Associate Prof. M.I. Hovhannisyan, Associate Prof. I.G. Petrosyan, Prof. V.G. Tatintsyan, Prof. M.Z. Bakhshinyan, Prof. A.P. Kankanyan, Associate Prof. M.M. Margaryan, Associate Prof. K.M. Baroyan.

Since 2011 the Dean of the Faculty is Associate Prof. L.K. Yesayan.

It was in the year 1966-67 that the first 47 dental specialists graduated from the Faculty; among them 39 local students, 8 students from Diaspora.

Stomatological Outpatient Clinic: brief outline

Republican Stomatological Outpatient Clinic was founded in 1972, meanwhile; the Department of Stomatology was structured in 1974 in the Institute of Advanced Medical Studies under the supervision of Dr. Eduard Gulunyan. Stomatological Centre of World Health Organization affiliated to the Republican Stomatological Outpatient Clinic was founded in 1987.

With a total student body of 885, including undergraduate and post-doctoral students spread over a vast array of disciplines, Faculty of Stomatology is safely characterized as intimate community of students and professional faculty.


Duration of studies for Bachelor’s degree is 4 years and 2 years for attaining Master’s degree. Students are enrolled in the postgraduate education, namely, in the internship lasting 1-3 years. Languages of instruction are Armenian, Russian and English. Students study theoretical as well as major professional and allied clinical disciplines. Learning is characterised by an emphasis on independent and self-directed study within the teaching system. Designed to help students develop skills to learn independently, management of practical tasks is a wonderful opportunity to explore course material in much greater depth. Students have the opportunity to explore a particular topic in more detail with a small group during seminars and classes in Master’s Course.

Upon graduation the following degrees are awarded:

Bachelors: Bachelor of Stomatology

Masters: Doctor of Stomatology

Many students graduating from the faculty have held scholarships and have displayed deep interest in the taught disciplines resulting in excellent academic performance. Faculty alumni have then undergone professional training in higher educational institutions of Russia, Europe and the U.S. and have successfully been enrolled in professional medical practice.

Major professional disciplines are studied in the departments going as follows:

  • Department of Therapeutic and Family Stomatology
  • Department of Pediatric Stomatology and Orthodontics
  • Department of Surgical Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Department of Prosthodontics

Dean's Office

Dean's Office is the head link of the Faculty. It consists of the Faculty Board and Student Dean's Office. The Dean's Office supervises student academic, educational and research activities, etc.

Acting Dean Lazar K. Yesayan, PhD, Associate Professor
Deputy Deans

Anna A. Avetisyan, Assistant Professor

Lusine A. Sharimanyan

Faculty Board Secretary Anna G. Khachatryan, PhD, Assistant Professor

Theoretical and Clinical Departments

Head of Department: Mikayel I. Aghajanov, Dr.Sc., Professor Head of Department: Arthur K. Shukuryan, Dr.Sc., Professor Head of Department: Shota A. Vardanyan, Dr.Sc., Professor Head of Department: Karmen T. Sahakyan, PhD, Associate Professor Head of Department: Hripsime Sh. Matevosyan, PhD, Associate Professor
Head of Department: Magdalina M. Melkonyan, Dr.Sc., Professor
Head of Department: Seyran P. Kocharyan, Associate Professor, PhD Head of Department: Hrant Yu. Ter-Poghosyan, PhD, Associate Professor Head of Department: Drastamat N. Khudaverdyan, Dr.Sc., Professor Head of Department: Marine S. Petrosyan, PhD, Associate Professor Head of Department: Gagik R. Qocharyan, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Department of Therapeutic and Family Stomatology
Head of Department: Heghine N. Sargsyan, PhD, Associate Professor


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